Let’s face it; finding time to bond as a married couple can be nearly impossible to do! Juggling projects at work ending in long hours, managing your children and making sure domestic responsibilities are done are only the tip of the iceberg for the modern family. With this influx of busy schedules, our marriages are taking a toll. Only half of Americans are happy in their current marriages, as reported by the National Opinion Research Center in 2014. Finding ways to resolve the reasons behind unhappiness can be as simple as rededicating your time to your spouse and genuinely reconnecting with an experience or date night. The gift of time is always the best present to give (and receive)!

Explore our top picks for honeymoon destinations in South America that will bring the romance back into your marriage while creating a new experience to cherish for years to come.


Share Intimacy and Ease at Easter Island


For couples looking for a quiet, more romantic getaway, look no further than Easter Island,  which is a territory of Chile. It’s sprawling beaches and private nooks are perfect for long conversations, sky gazing and light hearted picnics. Explore the land while riding horseback or embark on a snorkeling adventure in the crystalline water – two experiences that will bring you closer than ever before. As you marvel at the Moai statues, share your favorite moments throughout the day to reconnect. Also, don’t neglect a leisurely bike ride around the island, everyone’s favorite invigorating activity for a breezy day!


Unplug and Reconnect in Ilha Grande


Tired of being constantly pinged at work or sorting through endless email notifications? Book a trip to Ilha Grande (“Big Island”) in Brazil. The island has remained mostly untouched due to government protection, resulting in luscious green hills and coves sprinkled with tropical beaches and naturally rugged trails. Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest provides a sanctuary of sorts for endangered species and local flora that are unseen anywhere else on Earth. Ilha Grande will amaze you with its beautiful landscape and will offer you and your spouse a new chance to reconnect.  


Say “I love you” in Machu Picchu

Visitors are eager to see the iconic ruins and ancient architecture of Peru. Find your groove while staying on the move with a Machu Picchu tour designed with scenic spots for romantic moments and picturesque opportunities. Known as the “Incan city in the sky,” this world wonder is a magnificent stone structure to behold, and can be seen as an incredible symbolism for marriage. As you gaze upon the strength and solidity of the stone city, reflect upon the same strength in your union. What brings you two together, and how you create magical moments like these, is the greatest memory to cherish from your destination getaway.


Enjoy the Snow and Let Love Grow in Bariloche

For those who enjoy a Wintry atmosphere where snuggling is mandatory, this city in Argentina is perfect. This holiday season, come together and find your magic again in this winter wonderland destination. Set out for an adventure of skiing or snowboarding on the slopes in Cerro Catedral. Then warm up by the fire, sharing warm velvety espresso and creamy chocolate delicacies that are local favorites. Reminisce on the magical memories you’ve made so far as you dine on the finest South American specialties which feature amazing sensations in flavor. Your night isn’t complete without a relaxing talk by the fireplace and a shared smile.


Adventure Seekers Choose Torres del Paine


Are you both thrill seekers, searching for a new and exciting event? Share your next breathtaking moment visiting the towering mountains and electric blue icebergs of Torres del Paine, located in Chilean Patagonia. The Milodon Caves are a must-see, as the history of this place is where the country’s first men and women would seek refuge from unpredictable weather and dangers. While here, reflect on how you both have overcome obstacles together. Then, marvel at the shocking shapes and craters that rest inside the cave, as well as the wooden mildon that “greets” you at the end. Finally, after completing the steep trail to the French Valley, you’ll be ready to turn in for the day, hand in hand.  


Remember the magic of your honeymoon? Rejuvenate your connection by splurging on a destination vacation to renew your commitment and enjoy each other’s company again. Your relationship deserves the best getaway, and some of the most unique destinations lie in South America. With its endless beaches, gorgeous sites, bustling nightlife and unforgettable foods, you’re sure to find that a South American honeymoon will become an annual tradition for years to come.

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